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The Donohue Law Group learns each client’s objectives and helps you identify strategic options to achieve your goals in a cost-effective manner while striving to eliminate risk. We provide value-priced expertise by cutting overhead and limiting our practice areas to those most frequently needed by entrepreneurs, executives and independently owned businesses in both traditional and emerging areas of the economy. Our fee structure is responsive to the task. We utilize hourly, flat fee and blended fee arrangements.
Our clients can always reach us quickly, have our attention when needed, and receive value for every dollar spent. By treating our clients as if we have a stake in their business, we are invested in providing responsive, experienced strategic advice that adds value.

Our legal services generally fall within four broad areas:

Real Estate Transactions

All aspects of real property and Real Estate transactions including but not limited to, buy and sell contracts for residential real estate, earnest money disputes, representation of landlords and property management companies, financing for real estate development, transactional real estate, real estate contracts, HOA documents and disputes, zoning and permitting issues and appearances, commercial leasing, landlord eviction hearings, promissory notes related to development of real estate or private financing for the purchase or real property, environmental and energy issues involving land.

Employment Law

Employment law including training, day to day issues, employment agreements, separation and non-compete agreements, discrimination and compliance with federal, state and local workplace laws. Independent Contractor designations; disputes with federal and state agencies related to all employment law matters including unemployment.

Business Law

Business advice concerning compliance with state and federal regulations related to all aspects including but not limited to,contracts with vendors and suppliers, wage and hour compliance with state and federal statues. Entrepreneurs and Small Business assistance with business formation, permits, contract templates and acting as a general counsel for businesses.

All Forms of Litigation

All types of litigation and alternative dispute resolution related to our practice areas as well a class and collective actions and defense of CCDA actions against builders.

We often meet with their clients at their places of business or after business hours. Legal representation should be about the client and making sure the client’s needs are met on the clients schedule with minimal interference in the client’s daily routine. At the Donohue Law Group that is the foundation of our practice. It is our goal to provide quality cost-effective representation in a manner conducive to quick legal resolution and little interference with the client’s life and business.
We provide legal advice on how to comply with applicable laws, reduce legal exposure and avoid disputes. We also counsel clients from start-up issues through operational issues and risk avoidance. Our goal is to provide clear and understandable legal advice, to counsel clients to minimize the chances of disputes arising, and to best position them to achieve a favorable outcome, without incurring substantial expense, should a problem arise.

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